at our gites near St Jean
We are ideally situated here in the Charente Maritime, the cottages are in fact in the heart of the Fin Bois region of Cognac and vines can be
found in any direction. The ancient town of Cognac itself is just a 25 min drive and the world famous vineyards of Bordeaux are only an 1
hrs drive.  We are also surrounded by many small local producers of Pineau, Cognac and wine and even a local micro brewery that does
FREE tastings !!
Chris has made his living in the wine industry buying, selling and teaching the wine and spirit education trust certificate  to employees within
the hospitality industry. It is also a passionate hobby and he enjoys sharing his knowledge to all who are interested and dispelling some of the
mystery which surrounds wine.
Professional wine tasting
Six fine wines from around the world
will be selected to give a well rounded
and enjoyable tasting. The evening is
intended to be an informal and friendly
chat about wine where you feel at ease
and able to ask any questions you
wish.  It is not an attempt to sell any
particular producers produce unlike
other so called wine tastings.  It is an
evening of wine appreciation rather than
drunkeness !!  
'Wine Tasting - Chris certainly knows his stuff and its left us such that we'll never drink wine
again without checking for legs, nose and bite ! ' Thorne family
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'Went to Erics chai with Chris. Sampled
many different wines, Pineau and cognac.
We all thoroughly enjoyed it and left feeling
very merry !'
'Family Vine Walk - Do it !! Really interesting. Paul
(3) loved it too ! Another highlight. Chris has a
genuine interest in it - ask loads of questions.'
Kernick family,
Contact Chris and Wendy Blakeman on oo 33 546330902 or
email us at
Wines are different each week.  We
have regular guests who come every
year and each week ! After the tasting
Chris will talk a bit about his top tips for
wine buying. In all it lasts about 3 hours,
usually from 7pm to 10pm. Book your
place in advance.
8 per group, no children.
25 euros per person.
held on our terrace on site at La Grange
du Moulin,(2km from Les Vallaies) we
can arrange a babysitter if needed for
through in detail how to taste a wine
including appearance, nose and taste.
You will have the chance to make notes
and discuss what you see, smell, think
about each wine. No one will be put on
the spot and you can say as much or as
little as you wish.