We moved to France in 1996 and have been renting cottages in the Charente Maritime area since then. Over the years we have made some great friends and have helped
many people discover this previously undiscovered area of France. Many of our regular guests have since gone on to purchase their own properties. We fell in love with the
rural French lifestyle, the local food, the people, the countryside and of course the wine. We feel we have become well intergrated into the local community and have many
French friends. We are involved in the wine harvests, helping pick the grapes each year and love the huge lunches afterwards !

Chris, in our previous life, worked in the wine trade as seller, buyer and eventually teacher of wine in the industry. He has a wealth of knowledge to impart and its also his
passion. We have integrated the wine theme into what we offer, which sets us aside from the norm.
We have young children, Benjamin (2003) and Thomas (2005) who keep us active but also give us a new insight into the needs of the family, together with our years of
experience in this area of the market, welcoming young families with children to the area, has led to many guests staying with us saying it is the best, most relaxing, child
friendly family holiday they have had.

We only want people to stay with us whos family  are going to enjoy what we have here. This sort of holiday will not suit everyone, so it is really important to us that potential
guests ask us as many questions as possible to make sure we offer what your family want and need. We have been praised for our honesty, we won't lie just to get you to
book, but we do depend on you asking the questions.

We enjoy chatting with our guests but won't force ourselves on you. Chris tends to the pool each morning and mows the grass each week and Wendy pops by to give you
info on things going on and organises all the activities so we are around to chat to if you want to, but  we let you get on with enjoying yourselves and relaxing. We won't be
looking over your shoulder wondering what you are up to !  We live just 2km away at our other property La Grange du Moulin. You can ring our bell any time if you have a
question or need some help.
Contact Chris and Wendy Blakeman on oo 33 546330902 or
email us at
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