Important Points for parents of
young children
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Our swimming pool is fully enclosed with an access gate which is self closing and has a child proof latch and is alarmed. This conforms to the current french
regulations for preventing a child younger than 5 yrs old from accessing the pool area alone. You must make older children who are able to open the gate by
themselves fully aware of the dangers of a swimming pool and express upon them never open the gate for a younger child and never enter the pool area without an
adult. Children are NOT allowed to be in the pool area without adult supervison, even if they can swim. The edge of the pool has edging slabs called margelles which
are raised above the terrace level so you can feel with your feet when you approach the pool edge but this can also be a trip hazard for young children who have
small feet and are unsteady on their feet. There are stone / tiled steps leading down from the pool terrace to the games room area which are not gated and do not
have a hand rail. The pool tiles are rough as are the terrace tiles, to prevent slipping when wet, if you fall it will hurt, children if allowed to run, may trip and graze
themselves. A pool area by its very nature is dangerous.  All children must be supervised when in and around the pool area and young children must not be allowed
to roam/play freely around the pool area, parents must be vigilant at all times.

Two cottages face the garden and two face the pool. Parking is provided to one side off the lane. In order for families staying on the pool side to access the garden
and visa versa, you have to exit the gate and walk past the parked cars and next to the lane. This is obviously not recommended for young children alone, they will
need to be escorted by a responsible person. For this reason we recommend families with young children to let the garden side cottages and families with sensible
older children to let the pool side cottages.

Cygne has a tiled floor, the other cottages have wooden floors (Cassiopee has a tiled entrance area) These are obviously hard, if you drop something it will break, if
you fall, it will hurt. They become very slippy when wet, so don't allow children to run in from the pool and mop up spills immediately. Do not use external plastic
garden chairs inside as they will slip. All the second floors are wooden floorboards, these are not insulated and can be noisier than your floors at home.

WINDOWS and Walls
Due to the old nature of the property and its previous use as farm buildings some windows are very low which we were not allowed to change under the planning
regulations. All our low windows have been fitted with window locks or chains to prevent them from being opened fully. All other windows are at the regulation
height and do not have locks. The internal walls between rooms are simply plasterboard, so there is little sound insulation between rooms. Walls between the
properties are either 50cm of stone (very good insulation side to side) or 20cm concrete block with insulated plasterboard (limited sound insulation back to back )

We have done what we can to eliminate most obvious hazards however children cannot be left to their own devices; the garden has a bramble hedge, a sloping
garden, areas of gravel, stone walls, the gates to the lane are not locked, the cottages (cassiopee ) and the pool area have steps that are not closed /gated off, low
windows and steep staircases any of which could be a potential accident if young children are left unsupervised. If you have issues with any of these or concerns
about anything else, please voice them before you book, we will be honest. We have been letting cottages to families with young children for many years, have
children of our own and have many families who book with us again and again but our property still may not be right for you.    
Here at Les Vallaies, we have striven to provide a family friendly environment and you have no doubt read already about everything we offer
to provide a fun and relaxing place to stay for all the family. However, we do not profess to have properties specifically designed to
accomodate  young children, the property was originally a stone barn and has to conform to the planning regulation demands. We have done
what we are able to avoid obvious hazards but also we have to accommodate the needs of all our guests, those without children as well.  No
property could be completely free of hazard but you should be aware of them prior to booking.
The staircases at Les Vallaies are made of wood. In Baleine and Vierge these are closed tread and of European standard steepness. In
Cassiopee and Cygne the staircases were handmade to fit and are open tread and steeper than you may be used to. This may not suit a family
with younger children or perhaps with a grandparent with limited mobility. Stairgates or barriers are provided as standard for all of our
staircases, top and bottom. In Cassiopee the bottom barrier will only fit after the first few steps..  
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The communal garden is 'screened' from the lane by a wall, gates and trees, bushes and brambles and a fence on two sides - the lane is quiet by uk standards but is
used as a through route and cars can travel at some speed. Your toddler is prevented from running directly into the road to chase a ball but it is your responsibility as
their guardian to ensure they are suitably supervised at all times and are not given time to wander off.  
The villas private garden is only enclosed by bushes not a fence.